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Stillwater Makes a Change Week is an annual philanthropic campaign initiated and led by Stillwater High School students to raise money and awareness for a local charity. This year, SMAC Week raised money and arareness for The Saville Center for Child Advocacy. At our concluding dance we announced that we raised $99,635.81. Within minutes we had pledges to bring the final total to $100,000!


Every year, there is a different theme for SMAC Week. This year, our steering committee decided that our theme would be "Superheroes" which fit very nicely with the Saville Center's motto of "Protect. Prevent. Heal." Pictured to the right is the theme logo for 2016! As a result of a year of hard work and dedication from students and faculty at SHS, we raised $100,000+ for the Saville Center!



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Every year, we choose a new charity to raise money and awareness for. To learn more about our past and present charities, click the icon above.


SMAC is a busy time of year. To keep up to date on the events we have planned, click the icon above.


Each year a group of Stillwater and Payne County individuals and businesses partner with SMAC to help in our effort and make a change in our community. Click the icon above to view our sponsors.

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