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Who We Are

Stillwater Makes a Change Week is an annual philanthropic campaign initiated and led by Stillwater High School students to raise money and awareness for a local charity. Last year, SMAC Week raised money and arareness for The Saville Center for Child Advocacy. At our concluding dance, we announced that we raised $99,635.81. Within minutes we had pledges to bring the final total to $100,000!


Every year, there is a different theme for SMAC Week. This year, our steering committee decided that our theme would be "Harry Potter." We will use our powers to make a change in our community. All proceeds from SMAC 2017 will benefit MPOWER, a local charity that provides support and jobs for special needs adults. This year we raised $120,000 and then also partnered with three businesses who agreed to pave the MPower parking lot. A donation valued at $50,000. Therefore, the SMAC gift to MPower is valued at $170,000!



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Every year, we choose a new charity to raise money and awareness for. To learn more about our past and present charities, click the icon above.


SMAC is a busy time of year. To keep up to date on the events we have planned, click the icon above.


Each year a group of Stillwater and Payne County individuals and businesses partner with SMAC to help in our effort and make a change in our community. Click the icon above to view our sponsors.

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